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The songs, which I have are written in bold.
The songs, which are coloured are the songs on the DVDs.



1.01 - Pilot
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight
Starfly - Crash and Burn

The opening of the show in the Crashdown Cafe, before Liz gets shot.

Sarah Mclachlan - Fear
When Max heals Liz in the beginning of the episode, AND when Liz makes the connection with Max at night in the Crashdown Cafe and gets a rush of images.

Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid
When the shot of the school is shown and Liz goes to the restroom to wash her face and runs into Maria who confronts her about blood being on her order book.

Hole - Boys On The Radio
Eleventeen - Let’s Go for a Ride

When Isabel is holding the CD up and listening to it while driving with Max and Michael.

Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot
Living In Question - My Mother Was a Sun Worshipper

When Liz is walking away from Kyle's house, right after she tells him to meet her at the festival in half an hour.

The Hippos - Shake It Up
At the Crash Fest, Maria and Isabel encounter Alex, who remarks, "Nice cones."

Hexx - Hallucination Generation
At the crash festival.

Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me
The very end of the show, when Max and Liz are at the crash festival, and he tells her they can't be together because they're "different."

1.02 - Morning After
The Cardigans - My Favorite Game
When Liz and Maria are at the Crashdown Cafe trying to dodge Alex's questions about the "Czeckoslovakians."

The Smashing Pumpkins - Blank Page
James William Hindle - Doubt
During Max and Liz's stakeout in the eraser room.

Gus Gus - Ladyshave
Electrostatic - Shine
In the Crashdown Cafe when Liz and Maria are giving Alex the "cramps" excuse.

Loni Rose - I Never Thought That You Would Come
As Max and Liz are walking down the sidewalk making plans for a "lunch."

Dido - Honestly Ok
At the end of the episode while Liz is talking about secrets.

1.03 - Monsters
Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle
The very beginning of the episode, when Maria is driving and she runs into Isabel.

Tin Star - Head
Aeon Spoke – I've Seen Those Eyes
On the stereo in Maria's car, when Isabel fixes the sound with her powers.

Third Eye Blind - The Background
After Max is done talking to Topolsky and is waiting for Liz, and then during their conversation.

Other Star People - Drip
The 88 - All the Same

In the Crashdown Café ... Maria waits on "Queen Amidala."

Folk Implosion - My Ritual
The 88 - Hate Me

In the Crashdown Cafe when Sheriff Valenti orders the Heavenly Hash Special - the morning after Isabel's dreamwalking.

Semisonic - Made To Last
Kevin Bowe - Ordinary Life
At the very end of the episode, when Maria comes back to school with Isabel, and everyone walks off.</font>

1.04 - Leaving Normal
Mandy Moore - Candy
In the Crashdown while Liz waits tables and Max walks in.

Smashmouth - Then The Morning Comes
Black Toast Music - Where It’s At
When Michael bumps into the jocks and causes one of them to have a nasty scratch.

The Band - The Weight
James William Hindle - Leaving Trains
The song Liz's father is singing along to on the radio, right before Liz's grandmother arrives.

Save Ferris - Mistaken
Alastor - Monopoly
In the Crashdown Cafe when Agnes goes on another break and Maria flips out.

Sugar Ray - Someday
In the Crashdown when Isabel is substituting for Liz.

Sarah McLachlan - I Love You
At the very end, when Liz turns around and hugs Max.

1.05 - Missing
Stereophonics - Pick A Part That's New
When Maria is interrogating Alex about the missing journal.

Filter - Take A Picture
The Waking Hours - Almost Nearly There

In the Crashdown Cafe, right before Kyle comes up to Max and tells him that he's onto him.

Beck - Novacane
Goldo - All I Really Want

While Michael is in the art room, busy at work on drawing his "vision."

Creed - Torn
When Michael comes to see Liz at the Crashdown Cafe and confesses to taking her journal.

Counting Crows - Colorblind
Glen Phillips - Darkest Hour
At the very end of the episode, when Liz finishes writing in her diary and puts it away.

1.06 - 285 South
Euphoria - The Dreamer
When Michael breaks into the UFO Center to print out the information on Atherton.

Euphoria - Delerium
When everyone is sitting in history class listening to Mr. Simmons tell them about the oral history report that they have to partner up to do. It plays throughout the classroom scene.

Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack
At the Crashdown Cafe while Max and Kyle are getting better aquainted with their homework assignment.

Skycopter9 - Cosmic Explosion
Background music at the Crashdown when Maria uses her cell phone to secretly call Liz. Michael finds out and tosses the cell phone out the window. Isabel tells Max they have to leave.

Euphoria - Wait For You
At Lift Off gas station, Michael starts to drive off in Jetta and Maria blocks him.

Laura Webb - On Any Given Day
Julie Wood - Imaginary Girl
When Max and Liz are in the jeep because of the road block, talking about whether they could be together or not.

Keith Kohn - Black Vanilla
When Max, Liz and Isabel in the jeep. Kyle calls Liz on her cell phone.

The Grassy Knoll - Safe
At the very end of the episode, when the group is searching Atherton's home.

1.07 - River Dog
Bachelor Girl - Blown Away
Rip Tide Music – Sinking Ship
The song that plays at the beginning of the episode when they are driving home that morning and Maria and Michael are talking in the car.

Finger Eleven - Quicksand
Dispatch - Time Served
When Eddie comes into the Crashdown Cafe and talks to Liz about meeting River Dog.

Crash Test Dummies - Get You In The Morning
Morphic Field (Keith Kohn) - Loves Deadly Touch
During the scene at the Crashdown, when Isabel, Michael, and Maria are waiting to hear back from Liz and Max.

Doyle Bramhall - Snakecharmer
In the bar while Topolsky and Sheriff Valenti toy with each other.

1.08 - Blood Brohters
Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly
Communique – Cross Your Heart

The song that was playing on the radio.

Jeremy Toback - You Make Me Feel
The song Max and Liz are listening to on the radio (the song Liz says she likes to Max) right before the accident.

Pennywise - Alien
When Alex is talking to Kyle about how Liz is different and Isabel spies on them.

Bleach - Broke In The Head
Alex is talking to his friend about starting a band and Maria pulls him aside.

Citizen King - Long Walk Home
While the action alternates between Maria telling Liz about she and Michael finding out about Topolsky and Michael telling Isabel and Max about Topolsky.

Ginny Owens - If You Want Me To
Weaklazyliar - The Story of My Life
While the action alternates between Maria telling Liz about she and Michael finding out about Topolsky and Michael telling Isabel and Max about Topolsky.

1.09 - Heat Wave
Santana featuring Everlast - Put Your Lights On
Morphic Field - I Won't Lie to You

During the Michael/Maria makeout scene at the opening of the episode.

The Flys - Got You Where I Want You
James William Hindle - Come Down Slowly

Near the beginning of the episode, when Liz is walking through the halls in school noticing how everyone is "pairing up".

Urban Species featuring Imogen Heap - Blanket
Dive Index - Middle Man

During the Michael and Maria make out scene. Max n' Michael and Maria n' Liz talk in the bathroom.

Save Ferris - Let Me In
The song Alex and Isabel are dancing to in Alex's dream.

Yaz - Situation 99 Remix
Extreme Music - Club Asia

At very beginning of the party in the old soap factory.

Pete Droge and the Sinners – Sooner Than Later
Chris Falson – Lessons Learned
Amy shows Jeff alien items, and then the Sheriff talks to Amy.

Lunatic Calm - Beatbox Burning
In the Old Soap Factory, Octavio talks to Liz, Michael and Maria talk to each other.

Warren G - I Want It All
Heiruspecs - Meters
At the party in the old soap factory when Max and Liz are trying to exit the building.

Gomez - We Haven't Turned Around
Steve Reynolds - Satellite
At the end of the episode on Liz's Balcony. Max & Liz's first kiss.

1.10 - Balance
Fountains of Wayne - Troubled Times
Mustard Seeds - Coming Up Roses
In the beginning of the episode where Liz is doing a voiceover about how some days are wonderful and others aren't and when Max and Michael walk into the Crashdown and they share a look.

Angie Stone - Everyday
While Alex listens to Isabel tell him about she and the others powers and confides in him about how it feels to be them.

Cirque Du Soliel - Incantation
The song the Indians were chanting, and the same song Michael was chanting when he was sick.

Radford - Fly
Chris Heifner/Hefshil - Yesterday

At the Crashdown, Alex and Isabel look at the drawings and Isabel tells Alex that the staring has to stop. Alex apologizes.

Third Eye Blind - Deep Inside of You
Dan Mackenzie - Don't Even Start

During the pool scene with Max and Liz.

Gigolo Aunts - Everyone Can Fly
Gigolo Aunts - Only You

During the ice cream and gab fest over Max and Michael between Liz and Maria.

Jackpot - Hide In The Frequency
At the Crashdown - Alex and Maria talk about how he's dealing with "things" now that he knows about the aliens and Maria warns him against getting romantically involved.

Jewel - Absence of Fear
WeakLazyLiar - Again

At the very end of the episode, when Max tells Liz they need to take a step back.

1.11 - The Toy House
Three Dog Night - Shambala
Hutch - Turn It Around

While Max and his mom were talking just before the grease fire ignited at the very beginning of the episode.

Counting Crows - Amy Hit The Atmosphere
The song Max is listening to when Isabel comes in his room and tells him that he always listens to the Counting Crows when he's depressed, AND at the end of the episode when Isabel finds out that Max did not tell their mother about them.

Jessica Simpson featuring Destiny's Child - Women In Me
When Maria and Liz are in the Crashdown cleaning and are discussing the fact that Liz and Max are no longer together.

Third Eye Blind - Never Let You Go
RubberSideDown - Hot Wheels a Go Go
At the basketball game.

G. Love & Special Sauce - Rodeo Clowns
Alexi Murdoch - Song For You
During the scene in the Crashdown Cafe when Liz tells Max that she feels responsible for Kyle getting hurt and is going to take him a pie.

Amel Larrieux - Get Up
Joya - Sumthin Ain’t Right
In the scene with Isabel, where she's trying on lipstick in her room right before her mother walks in.

Buckcherry - For The Movies
Communique - Annabelle

When Max sees Liz talking to Kyle through the window of the Crashdown, gets the wrong impression and leaves without going in.

1.12 - Into The Woods
Edwin - Theories
Allergic - Slippin'

In the beginning of the episode when Maria and Liz are talking, and then when Liz is talking with her father about the camp.

Plumb - Stranded
While Liz and her father are in her bedroom. The awkward moment when she walks out of her bathroom in her bra.

Matthew Sweet - Faith In You
Communique - Evening In The City
When Michael with Max and Isabel in the Crashdown, telling them he believes that River Dog is their father.

Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
Athenaeum - Banana

When Liz and Maria are talking about Max and Maria tells her that he has been staring at her.

Van Morrison - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Thomas Anderson - You Surprise Me

During Sheriff Valenti's visit to see his father at the end of the episode.

1.13 – The Convention
The Toyes - Waiting For The Aliens
Manplanet - I, Robot

At the very beginning of the episode (before the opening credits).

Brian Setzer - Flyin' Saucer Rock 'N' Roll
Raging Honkies - Alien
At UFO Center, Michael and Isabel talk and Max comes in and takes off his alien costume head.

Pennywise - Alien
In the Crashdown Cafe when Liz sees Jennifer and Larry come in.

B52's - Planet Claire
As Max and Milton talked.

Bree Sharp - Galaxy Song
Mr. Frakes puts his hands in cement.

Owsley - Coming Up Roses
When Liz, Maria, Mrs. DeLuca, Jennifer and Alex are all talking about obsessions.

Klaatu - Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
Astronaut Wife - Flying Saucer
During the scene at the convention where Liz is telling Max about Jennifer and Larry being in the Crashdown Cafe.

Lit - Miserable
When Jennifer confides in Liz about Larry.

Ultra-V - Can I Crash Here Tonite
Hypnogaja - The Spaceman
Jennifer is in a both at the Crashdown reading "Men Are From Mars …" and crying as Liz trys to console her.

Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake
Sherstin - Lucky
In the Crashdown Cafe when Larry tells Jennifer he's ready to get married.

1.14 - Blind Date
Dramarama - Anything, Anything
In the very beginning when Alex was strumming his guitar through the announcement of the winner of the blind date contest.

Our Lady Peace - Is Anybody Home
Bleach - Heartbeat
At the beginning of the episode (after the credits) when Liz and Maria are at school taking about the contest.

Elusive - How Long I Waited
At Crashdown, Liz looks through door of back room and complains to Maria.

Joe 90 - Thruth
The Belles - Never Said Anything
Near the beginning of the episode when Max, Michael and Isabel were at the Crashdown discussing Nasedo. Continues while Liz is being interviewed by the radio station about her ideal man.

Blink 182 - Adam's Song
Reliant K - Falling Out
The song playing on the radio that Isabel's listening to when Michael comes through the window and asks her to come with him to search for the 4th alien.

Kevon Edmonds - 24-7
During Liz's daydream where she's on her balcony kissing Max.

Lenny Kravitz - Stand By My Woman
Sandstrom Thomas - The Things That You Do

During Liz's dinner date and when Kyle gets Max to take a drink.

Thomas Anderson - Holiday
Crashdown - just as Liz and Doug go in to continue their date away from prying eyes.

Majandra Delfino - In The Air Tonight
The song sung by Maria at the concert near the end of the episode. NOTE: Song is by Phil Collins.

1.15 - Independence Day
Euphoria - Delirium
At the beginning of the episode, when Maria and Liz are talking by their lockers.

Jars Of Clay - Hand
In the very beginning of the episode when Maria is talking to Liz about sticking together, and how guys are "like a drug".

Bis - Detour
When Maria and her mom were talking in her bedroom.

Collective Soul - Run
Highwater Rising - Life in Three Parts
When Michael arrives at Maria's house in the rain.

Radford - Closer To Myself
The Get Set - Big Nothing

In the Crashdown where Isabel, Max, Liz, and Maria gather once Valenti has Michael.

Bush - 40 Miles From The Sun
Neva Dinova - Did You Disappoint Your God?
When Michael is hitchhiking.

1.16 - Sexual Healing
Marcy Playground - Sex & Candy
Last Days of April - All Will Break
In the Crashdown in the beginning of the episode when Liz drops the bowl of strawberries.

Tara MacLean - If I Fall
When Liz is talking to Maria about seeing images when she and Max kissed.

Rebecca Lord - After All Of This Time
Maria and Liz are riding in the Jetta and discussing what Liz and Max were doing at Michael’s apartment before Maria interrupted them.

Addict - Youth
During the Michael/Maria apartment scene near the end.

Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Evan Olsen - Ticking Away
At the end of the episode as Max and Liz walk back to the Crashdown to find their parents waiting for them.

1.17 - Crazy
Angela Via - Picture Perfect
Erin McKeown - Slung-Lo
In the very first scene of the episode in the Crashdown when Max meets Liz.

Everything But The Girl - Low Tide Of The Night
Renee Stahl - Above Beside Below
At night in the jeep as Max and Liz kiss.

Lori Carson - Take Your Time
Lori Denai - Kinda Wanna
During the Michael and Maria scene where they are in Michael's apartement on the coach making out.

Julie Wood - Open My Eyes
Tess walks up to Alex and Isabel's table at Crashdown

7th House - Gypsy Queen
Treble Charger - What You Want

In the beginning of the episode, when Alex and Isabel are talking (she makes the sucking face comment, just after M/M announce they are closing early).

Radford - Don't Stop
Athenaeum - On Her Way

In the Crashdown, when the delivery man brought in the flowers, and Maria grabbed them and handed them to Liz.

Wayne Wesley Johnson - Rumba Azul
Liz unwittingly meets Topolsky at Señor Chow's.

Getaway People - She Gave Me Love
During the scene when Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria were leaving for their date.

1.18 - Tess, Lies and Videotape
Foo Fighters - Everlong
During the very beginning scene in the Crashdown when the Sheriff comes for coffee and then Tess walks in and Max starts staring at her.

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground
Bloom - Love Minus Zero

When Max is daydreaming of Tess in science class.

Godsmack - Voodoo
Allergic - End Of Days
In the background during the scene when Michael comments on Tess being "Max's new girlfriend".

Lit - Zip Lock
The Tories - Greatest Foe

When Max, Michael, and Isabel are at the Crashdown discussing the camera that they found in Michael's apartment.

1.19 - Four Square
Folk Implosion - No Need To Worry
RubberSideDown - Some Other Place
In the Crashdown, when Liz and Maria are talking about Tess and how Max needs to be kept under constant supervision to make sure he doesn't get seduced by her.

Collapsis - Automatic
Bullets of Orange - Girl
In the Crashdown before and during when Liz was telling Kyle that he should stay away from Tess.

1.20 - Max To The Max
8 Stops 7 - Question Everything
The Get Set - I Feel Free

When Maria hears Michael and Isabel talking about the baby in the Crashdown kitchen.

Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes
Jettared - A Conversation With The Past

When Nasedo Max came to get Liz.

Beth Hart - Just A Little Hole
During Isabel and Alex's talk about the baby.

Chris Cornell - Wave Goodbye
Athenaeum - On Her Way
When Michael comes out of the kitchen with a glass of milk for Isabel until the real Max comes into the Crashdown and they realize Nasedo kidnapped Liz and they all run out.

Tam! - Aliens
Luna Halo – Aliens

In the background when Liz and Nasedo Max arrive at the carnival.

Filter - Welcome To The Fold
Curtis Skelton - Master of Ceremonies
Right before the real Max enters the mirror maze at the carnival.

1.21 - The White Room
The Grassy Knoll - Safe
When Isabel first dreamwalks with Max.

Remy Zero - Yellow Light
Hypnogaja - Nothing Box
During the scene in the Crashdown where Valenti talks to Liz, Maria and Alex; Carries over into the Max torture scene.

1.22 - Destiny
Dido - Here With Me
At the end of the episode when Liz walks away from Max, leaving him to fullfill his "Destiny."



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